How to answer the toughest 10 + 1 interview questions

How to answer the toughest 10 + 1 interview questions

  1. Tell Me about Yourself

I remember my first job interview before graduation, this was the first question for me in that interview, it’s one of the most common questions so better prepare for it very well. I remember on that interview I messed up completely, I thought they wanted life history!!! .

After reading this article I don’t expect you to make the same mistake. Here are a few tips of how to tackle this question

  • They already have your CV don’t give employment history.
  • Tell them about what makes you best for the job (use examples such as achievements)
  • Professional achievements relevant for the position
  • Tell them something that matches the requirements described in the advert
  • Keep it short maximum should be 4 to 5 points

So, before you answer this or any question it’s imperative that you try to uncover your interviewer’s greatest need, want, problem or goal.


  1. Why Should We Hire You ?

You are probably not the only one interviewing, so you need to convince the panel that you are the best for the job.

  • Tell them how your experience and qualification makes you the best candidate. Dwell more on the experience side you are not the only qualified candidate!!.
  • Give the panel assurances that you are not here to do the work but to give best results
  • Look for anything else in the job description eg team player and give relevant examples of how you meet that requirement


  1. Why are you leaving your current job ?

This is a very tricky question; remember not to badmouth current or previous employers. The key here is to be positive about everything.

  • Give reasons that are honest, if you lost the job or you were fired , say it out and be prepared to also give reasons why it happened for example contract run out etc
  • May be you are looking for a fresh challenge


  1. What Is Your Greatest Strength ?

This is a very tough question; you need not to sound arrogant or too bossy. Just be honest, keep the answer relevant to the job, look at the job description and checkout the strength the employer is looking for.

  • Choose strength such as achiever, Honesty etc.
  1. What Is Your Greatest Weakness ?

This is the worst you could ever come across; being too honest could get you off the candidate list. This question is designed to eliminate you from the long list of potential candidates. Again don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being too honest.

  • Mostly give positive work related weaknesses for example, I push for results from workmates and not everyone is happy about it.
  • Don’t give a weakness that is a required strength in the description


  1. Current work

This is pretty straight forward just describe what you do at your current position.

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years ?

This is a question that needs you to show some ambition in your career. Here are some tips of what you should consider before answering this question.

  • In your answer make sure you put the company in your plans, don’t sound like you are using the company to progress your career. State how you will move the company forward
  • Talk about advancing your skills especially if you are in the technology business, you need t update skills to remain relevant
  • Be realistic and align your plan the job being applied for
  • Don’t threaten to take other peoples jobs in the company. Don’t say “Actually I want to be in YOUR seat within the next 5 years.” to the hiring manager


  1. Challenge or conflict you’ve faced, and how you dealt with it.

They want to see how you handle conflicts at work. You need to answer this question carefully giving a relevant work conflict. The employer is probably looking for the following qualities leadership, initiative, managerial skill, persuasiveness, courage, persistence, intelligence, etc.  So get a conflict and fit in one of these qualities.


  1. What do you know about the company ?

By the time you want to work for a company you should know something about them. The solution here is simple get information about the company online. You should know what they do products they make etc.

  1. How much money do you want ?

The golden rule of answering this question is doing your research on what the company pays for that position and stating something close to what the company actually pays.

  1. Do You Have Any Questions For Me

You have to ask a question. Ask questions relevant about the position you have applied for or about the company. Here are some few examples.

  • When do I expect to get feedback/ not when do I start working
  • Ask about training opportunities or career advancement opportunities
  • On the lighter side you can ask the interviewers depending on the situation for example “what’s your favorite part about working here?” or “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t hire me?” the last one is tricky !! use it sparingly.
  • Ask something about the company’s latest products this show that you are interested in the company
  • Don’t ask about leave and holidays off work.